Friday, December 30, 2011

The most visited blogposts of 2011

Another year has gone by and its time to look back at the year that was. Here is a list of the popular posts from 2011. This is a list of popular posts not necessarily in order of hits.

1. Karama Market
2. Bur Dubai Souk
3. The only Hindu temple in Dubai
4. Dragon Mart
5. Al Ghusais
6. Mini Manila
7. Dubai's Angels
8. Safa Park
9. Al Fahidi Fort
10. Abras

Friday, December 2, 2011

40 years of pride

UAE is 40 years old and I am proud of being witness to the growth of such a wonderful country.

Its been a long journey from pearl diving to being home to the tallest building in the world. UAE has come a long way. Bear in mind that this nation is no more than 4 decades old and the success it has achieved in this short time is nothing short of phenomenal. There is a lot to celebrate. 

I remember having arrived in UAE many years ago to join my current organisation. Many of my friends in those days used to tell me about how much UAE had changed in just a few years. There were buildings in areas that used to be just patches of sand. Small single lane roads that turned into large highways in a matter of a few years. I remember that a drive to the old Hard Rock Cafe was like driving out into the desert. 

And yet in the last few years that I have resided in UAE, I can look make in amazement. Everything has changed so much. Everything has become so much better.

I am fully aware of some of the problems that continue till date. There is no doubt that UAE lags behind in a few areas. But let's not for a moment lose sight of the huge progress this nation has made over the last few years. I cannot think of many other countries that have achieved so much in 40 years. 

Today I feel proud of being a resident of this wonderful nation. 


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