Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Al Qusais (al Ghusais)

Al Qusais (also spelt Al Ghusais) is a suburb located towards the North Eastern edge of Dubai city bordering the emirate of Sharjah.

Al Qusais is today a popular residential suburb of Dubai but it was in fact the site of an important settlement and cemetery. Based on excavations in the early 70s, it is believed that settlements existed in Al Qusais as early as the first millinium.

Historical research shows the existance of large number of copper and bronze vessels in the areas from ancient times.

Al Qusais is now a bustling area with a largely asian population.


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's my apartment on the 5th floor!!!

One World Tours and Travels said...

Interesting. Shall definitely keep your site in mind while doing my research Wizard.
Incidentally, are your photos available for use on travel blogs like mine? I think they are very honest and paint a picture of the real Dubai.

- Casey Andrews

moryarti said...

I hope RTA realizes that it should be Aleppo, not Halab, Street


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