Saturday, November 6, 2010

Karama Market

A comment by Abu Dhabi Daily Photograph got me to go back to Karama to visit the Karama market. It's apparently a very infamous market, known for it's fake branded goods. You can get it all. From Omega watches to Cross pens and from Man U shirts to Gucci shoes. All for a fraction of the cost. 

Some of the things I bargained for (but didn't buy) are a Breitling watch for AED 250/- and a Cross pen for AED 49/-. Remember to look out for the shady salesman who will approach you to show you the éxclusive' stuff.

1 comment:

Sarah Walton said...

You forgot to mention that it is perfectly safe to follow a strange man up the skewy stairs behind the secret door up the back of the shop.

Oops, I mean, that doesn't really happen does it? That would mean they were selling illegal knockoffs of current design!


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