Saturday, November 20, 2010

Safa Park

The Eid Al Adha holidays are just about to end today as we headed out to Safa park for some fun. The entire family spent the day at Safa Park. We had packed a nice lunch for all of us (had an overdose of BBQ over the last few days) along with beach toys for the kids.

Safa Park was build in 1975 and lies along the Sheikh Zayed Road south of Burj Khalifa. The area was apparently used by illegal immigrant labor who lived in makeshift homes until the area was converted into a park. This park has something unique, a ladies only exclusive section where ladies can relax in privacy.  


Dave said...

But recent media reports stated that all ball-sports are now banned within the confines of the park.... can you confirm??

Joy said...

How lucky you are to have such a gorgeous day and park to enjoy this day. Norwich is pretty cold right now.

Have a great start to your week!

See you at Norwich Daily Photo soon!

Dubai Photo Story said...

@ Dave: There were lots of guys playing football while I was there. In fact when we were on our way out, there were a bunch of guys who came in with a whole load of training gear and a bag of footballs for a training session. Not sure if its banned but didn't seem like from what I saw.

@Joy: Very happy to see you around. Thanks for dropping by. Its been a while!!!!

rosh said...

Waaaaay too many memories.

Edarabia said...

yup ball sports are not banned but games like hockey or cricket you can not play as it can create problem for others.


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