Thursday, October 16, 2008

Winter is coming....!!!!!!!

Winter is just around the bend... if today's foggy conditions are anything to go by. These pictures were clicked at about 6.00 am this morning on Al Khail Road and the visibility was probably just about 5 - 6 mts. While such thick fog can pose a dangerous situation and one needs to focus of driving safely, I made the most of it. I rolled down my windows and let in the fog. It was a fantastic experience to feel the fog brush against the face. It was awesome till the visibility dropped to such low levels that I had to finally pull over and wait till the fog had cleared.
So bye bye summer..... winter is almost here!


Susan said...

I posted a fog shot, too!

Dubai Photo Story said...

Guess it was a fav topic.. saw fog pics on another Dubai blog also!! :-)

Abid said...

No!!!!!! I hate winter (at least Canadian winters!)

i*maginate said...

I think there's only about 2 weeks in the year that I love in terms of weather, and sadly, they have just passed!

Last weekend the weather was just perfect. On the beach, there was a pleasant breeze (not warm, not cool. Yesterday I noticed the season for just one layer has passed :P

I can't stand the cold and the rain! And spesh here, it seems to be cold, rainy and humid at the same time.

One could almost write an essay about the weather here! LOL


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