Friday, October 31, 2008

Dubai's seat of justice

"Implementation of justice in the society, through precision and promptness in adjudicating lawsuits, execution of judgments, decisions, judicial orders, contract and document authentication, by relying on qualified national cadres and regulations, procedures, and new developed technology."

This is the mission statement of Dubai Courts.

The judicial system in Dubai into 3 stages i.e.

1 The Court of First Instance: It is the first stage of litigation.

2 The Court of Appeal: It is the second stage of litigation.

3 The Court of Cassation: It is the supreme and ultimate stage of litigation

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i*maginate said...

Have you walked over the Floating Bridge? It's amazing. Good photo Ops. I did a post on it with some VERY amateur pics on the Comm Blog. It's a nice walk: you feel like you're very close to the water.


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