Friday, October 31, 2008

Dubai's seat of justice

"Implementation of justice in the society, through precision and promptness in adjudicating lawsuits, execution of judgments, decisions, judicial orders, contract and document authentication, by relying on qualified national cadres and regulations, procedures, and new developed technology."

This is the mission statement of Dubai Courts.

The judicial system in Dubai into 3 stages i.e.

1 The Court of First Instance: It is the first stage of litigation.

2 The Court of Appeal: It is the second stage of litigation.

3 The Court of Cassation: It is the supreme and ultimate stage of litigation

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dubai's Eco Warrior?

When I visited the Dubai Flea Market early October, one of the stalls certainly caught my special attention. Amidst all the colors and clutter of a typical flea market, this one stood out. So I had made a note of the seller's details with an intention to catch up and find out more.

Raina Chandra is probably not someone who would catch your attention at first sight. But behind that quiet and soft spoken personality is a remarkable home grown eco warrior. Raina's concept, aptly called Rainassance makes magic and absolutely stunning jewelery out of waste paper. Paper that most of use find useless is quietly transformed into beautiful colorful trinkets by Raina's creative imagination.

"It is about rethinking design to be able to replace traditional materials with alternate ones, hence reducing resource consumption" she wrote to me.

The products are entirely handcrafted by her which means that every bead is unique. And every time you buy a Rainassance product, you will be contributing to a conservation of our scares resources and a greener environment.

While this may appear to be a commercial venture to some, one needs to experience the sheer passion she exhibits in promoting this absolutely brilliant venture. May be a drop in the ocean of eco-ventures, but a very big one certainly.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Winter is coming....!!!!!!!

Winter is just around the bend... if today's foggy conditions are anything to go by. These pictures were clicked at about 6.00 am this morning on Al Khail Road and the visibility was probably just about 5 - 6 mts. While such thick fog can pose a dangerous situation and one needs to focus of driving safely, I made the most of it. I rolled down my windows and let in the fog. It was a fantastic experience to feel the fog brush against the face. It was awesome till the visibility dropped to such low levels that I had to finally pull over and wait till the fog had cleared.
So bye bye summer..... winter is almost here!


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