Saturday, March 21, 2020

Stranded in Dubai?

These are testing times. Never have we been tested as a community like we are being test today. The Covid-19 situation will bring out the best and the worst from within us. We need to try and be the ones that support our communities. This too shall pass.

One of the most vulnerable among us are the ones who may have entered UAE on a visit visa in the hope of landing a job but could not exit quickly. Lot of the countries have placed all international arrivals on hold and some of the visitors may be stuck here. I really wonder how they will cope in this trying situation?

UAE and Dubai specifically has always risen to the occasion. This pandemic and the resulting situation doesn't spare anyone. Irrespective of nationality or ethnicity.

If you can, reach out to at least one stranded visitor. Reach out and help them in any way your can without putting the general public at risk. This is specifically so as human to human contact is something we need to minimize. Some of the ways we can help is just by sending out messages of comfort. Post messages on social media like Facebook and Twitter and let them know you understand their plight. just knowing that will be comforting by itself.

Help them with communication. They need to communicate with their loved ones regularly. This is  a costly affair. May be you can help them with communication. 

Help them find a job. This is the best support you can provide

Some of them may be hard pressed with finances. May be you can sponsor daily meals.

Check out if you can help. Join the Facebook page by clicking here

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