Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Heritage Village - Abu dhabi

The Heritage Village experience is a one of a kind. It takes you into a time capsule as you travel across eras of the past and get  ring side view of the rich history and culture of UAE. 

The recreated village provides a peak into the way of life in the country's past eras. While the village has a wide range of exhibits, the most interesting for me was the various demonstrations and workshops by skilled craftsmen. There were Emarati ladies weaving carpets and creating other ornamental works. The wood carving and the sword making workshops were of special interest for me.

The village is an excellent option for a day out with the family. Aside from the display of the rich history and cultural aspects, the kids will be able to see many local animals including a camel, a horse, cows and goats. 

To get to Heritage Village, click here. 

You can also contact The Heritage Village at +971 2 6814455

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