Monday, March 18, 2013

The largest Cheesecake Factory now in Dubai

It is probably a given that what hits you the most from a visit to The Cheesecake Factory is the food. My experience was a bit different.

It is the sheer size and enormity of the restaurant that shocks you when you visit the recently opened The Cheesecake Factory at The Mall of the Emirates. The exterior of the restaurant could easily fool you. But as you step inside you realize that the restaurant is bigger than most you've seen before. The restaurant can apparently host over 525 guests at any time and includes private dining rooms for that exclusive experience. 

The Mall of the Emirates has certainly scored a winner with The Cheesecake Factory. Without doubt the mall has one of the best collection of restaurants include the first IHOP outside USA. 

Please note its not just the size of the restaurant that surprises you. The portions are very generous too. The herb crusted salmon and shrimp scampi is definitely recommended. The crispy tempura prawns are a winner. The Caeser salad comes in XXL and probably enough for 3. 

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