Sunday, February 27, 2011

Neighbourhoods - Al Barsha


Susan said...

I lived in Barsha in 2003-2004...what a change!!!!

Dubai Photo Story said...

Hey thanks for dropping by. Al Barsha has changed a lot since 2003. Its largely a residential area and has a load of good restaurants in the vicinity. It evident that this is a new settlement. There are lots of open plots and many buildings still under construction.

Ana Lucia said...

Really nice place!

Despite of being an islamic place, it's very interesting, because of the peoples diversity!

Many people blame that Dubai is artificial, but I don't mind. I wanna live in this place, to get more knowledgments, earn money, enjoy my life! Despite of being planned, artificial, it's very well-planned!

All your photos are very amazing! Congrats!


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