Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A mosque in Jumeirah

This beautiful mosque is located at the junction of Al Abaari Street and Al Wasl Road in Jumeirah 3

I was once told about this very famous 'Jumeirah Mosque' by a visiting releative from Canada. And having lived for a few years here, I must conceed that I had never heard of it yet. So when she landed here, the first thing we did was to go out and visit the famous Jumeirah mosque.

But this post is about the 'other mosque' in Jumeirah. I think this mosque is extremely beautiful and is probably the best design in terms of its architecture. This mosque is located at beach road in Jumeirah. Surprisingly I have not had a post about the Jumeirah mosque yet.
My other post on a mosque.

The art of making a Mushaltat


Susan said...

Gorgeous mosque! They do a lovely Ramadan iftar.

Anonymous said...

Talking about mosque, it is always interesting to see the shape & design of the minarets & the domes. This is certainly a gorgeous one!

Dubai Photo Story said...

Hey thanks for the comments. This one is certainly not the larger ones in Jumeirah but the intricate designs are beautiful. Look for the details in the pic of the minaret

Para Glider said...

I like that mosque. I used to walk through that car park every day, from my apartment to the beach road, to find a taxi. Thanks for the memory.


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