Friday, November 12, 2010

Directions to the Hindu temple in Dubai

There is an old post somewhere in this blog that talks about the Hindu temple in Dubai. Since then I have been getting e-mail requests for directions to the temple! So why not a new post with directions to the temple.

Head down to Burjuman. This is one of the big popular malls in the country. You could either take a taxi or use the metro to get off at Khalid Bin Waleed Station. From there head down Khalid Bin Waleed street (popularly known as computer street). As you walk past the computer stores, turn right at Apsara supermarket. Continue to walk towards the creek as you head in the direction of Dubai Museum. Right next to the museum is the Hindu Temple. 

Hopefully I will post an easy to use direction map as part of this post.


Expat Gurl in the UAE said...

I could be wrong, but I think Khalid bin Waleed is known as Bank Street. Mankhool is Computer Street...or not?

Anonymous said...

I have been visited Hindu Temple in Dubai in last year,
one statement about how to do Charity very attracted me, that paper was on the wall(in backyard wall of temple)
and it was written if you did something charitable with your right hand , even your left and should not be aware of that,
and so many inspiring words.
could you pls , if anybody visiting temple, send me full text ,
Thanks in Advance,
your can Email it to : bluesym[at]
Bless you always


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