Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yet another perspective

My last post on Buheirah Corniche sparked off a lot of interest in Sharjah.

Here is another pic of the Buheirah Corniche shot during the day. The water gives Sharjah a new feel!


Paraglider said...

I wonder if you've seen the 'new' Doha on the west bay area? They seem to have bought one of every skyscraper from a catalog and bundled them together randomly. The word hideous comes to mind, unlike this picture of a planned cityscape.

jelb said...

very nice framing..beautiful lightness, colors..bravo!

Photos Dubai said...

Hey thanks for the comments. I guess most cities in the ME have 'evolved'over a priod of time. And note that most of this has happened over a extremely short period. However, the more recent developments are better planned, both, in terms of amenities/infrasatructure and the architectural refinement

Jelb: Merci beaucoup


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