Monday, June 22, 2009

The train souq

This is an old picture that I found while browsing though some old files. Located in Sharjah, the Central Souq is also commonly referred to as 'train souq' on account of its shape that resembes a train.
It houses a thriving gold market in one wing and an odd mix of electronic shops, imitation jewellery shops and others in the other wing. Its a popular stop along the tourist trails in Sharjah.
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Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Also known as the Blue Souk and Gold Souk and as the Islamic Souk by many a taxi drivers.

Photos Dubai said...

Hey thanks for the comment. I picked up the term 'train souk' from the taxi drivers!! Sharjah now has a new Gold Souk off Al Wahda Road.

rosh said...

"imitation jewellery"

Umm..It's real yellow gold jewelry :) This was the former gold souk at SHJ. It's one of finer buildings in SHJ, built way back in the 70's - sort of represents architecture and culture of the region. You know back in the day, families would shop / stroll through the gold souk, and walk through to Buheira Corniche. Sometimes mom & dad would take us to Al Jazeera Park instead. The very first SHJ Expo center was situated a walking distance to the gold souk. The Eid days and national days were so festive back then. People from all over the UAE and other GCC places would visit SHJ's gold souk, Buheira Corniche and the Expo center. I believe ABBA and Boney M performed at the Expo center perhaps in 1979 or in 1980? SHJ was truly the place to live.

Photos Dubai said...

Hey Rosh.... it is the gold souq in one wing while there are lots of shops in the other wing that sell imitation jewelery in the other wing. Its is truly and iconic building in Sharjah.... got lovely tile work on the exterior.... and its a great place for families to stop by in the evenings.


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