Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dubai's new flea market

I've been eagerly waiting to get a first hand experience of the new Dubai Flea Market and I finally made it today!!

It was a carnival of colors with the exhibitors displaying a whole wide range of products. And at great prices too. From clothes to shoes and DVDs to oil paintings. It was absolute fun to walk around the market and bargain for deals. I enjoyed every minute of it. One thing is for sure, I will be there again the next time Dubai Flea Market sets up shop.

The market starts at 9.00 in the morning and winds up by late afternoon. Even if you do not plan to buy anything, I suggest you try out the place. You can laze around on the bean bags (see pic) or listen to the Dubai Lime musicians. If only the place had more F&B facilities :-(

The Dubai Flea Market comes alive every 1st Saturday of the month. It is held at gate no. 5 at Safa Park. For more details click here

Heard that the next one will be held on 1st November so see you there at gate no. 5!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The pleasure of flying Emirates

Emirates is probably one of the most recognizable airline brands today. The brand finds itself splashed across a wide spectrum of media across the world and is probably a force to reckon with in the global airline business.

I always found it exciting and remember eagerly anticipating a flight on Emirates. The in-flight entertainment was the best in the world (at least among the airlines I had flown) and the experience itself was always special.

Emirates has made us all proud at the way the brand has made its way up the ladder. The brand also exemplifies the spirit of Dubai.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dubai World Trade Centre

The Dubai World Trace Centre (DWTC) building is probably the most iconic building in the city, a blend of the charm of old Dubai and the vibrant and modern new Dubai.

Built in 1979, DWTC stands tall at the start of Sheikh Zayed Road (SZR) and is part of an entire complex including the Dubai International Convention Centre, Novatel and Ibis hotels and the recently constructed Dubai International Hotel Apartments.

But the Trade Centre building itself is what makes this a landmark. Many people use the building as a reference point to describe their location. It is also one of the highest security buildings in Dubai. The building houses the Dubai Financial Markets besides 7 other consulates/embassies. The more prominent of them being the consulate of USA.

I have fond memories of this building. Our office used to be located at this building till moving to a more spacious building 2 years back. But DWTC will still be a special experience of my work life in Dubai. The building carries a certain amount of charm and pride. I remember having my bag scanned every morning besides being searched every time we went to work. It was almost like getting into a high security area with so many Dubai Police walking all over the place.

I make it a point to drop by sometimes just to experience the feeling of being there.


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