Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A journey through history - Ibn Battuta Mall

Over the last decade, one of the landmarks that has always held a special place for me is Ibn Battuta Mall. While malls in Dubai are normally flashy and glitzy, each one attempting to out do the other on the glamour quotient, here is a mall that brings history and culture to the fore. 

Ibn Battuta Mall is probably an intriguing journey of the region's culture and the journey of a young man and adventurer Ibn Battuta. His travel over 24 years spanning various lands is an extraordinary story depicted in the 6 courts that make up the mall. The walls and ceilings of the mall are adorned in intricate designs and architecture to depict each leg of his journey. 

While the mall provides an excellent shopping experience with round the year offers and deals, it is highly recommended that you set some extra time to explore the story of Ibn Battuta as you walk across the mall. 

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