Sunday, November 2, 2014

Old World Dubai

In a country where a mobile handset is changed almost every 6 months, it's a refreshing relief to find someone using a Nokia 6301. Being an avid mobile handset enthusiast, I was almost thrilled to spot someone using the Nokia 6310. How important this story is can be gauged from the fact that this device was introduced in the year 2001!

At a time when mobile handsets and our super connected world seem to be intruding into every space of our lives, I was pleasantly surprised to see the user of the device soak in the morning sun with almost no cares. He sat there sipping his Americano for almost 2 hours, reading the newspaper. He seemed to not miss any of the super data connectivity we have all come to accept as a non negotiable requirement of our daily life. 

And then again, with all the super connectivity and constant interactions on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, have our lives really been enhanced? Or would you want to be that gentleman using the Nokia 6310? He hadn't received a single message or notification for almost 2 hours of the day and seemed to have done well!.

So if given a choice, who would you rather be? The super connected persons we are turning out to be be? Or this man who seemed very content with his Nokia 6310?

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Liza said...

Nice and Informative Post, I highly appreciate those people who share some good information stuffs, because I like those people who actually share :).

LM Bhusal said...

It sound crazy that you found a person using Nokia 6310 now.

Anonymous said...

I have the same phone as a basic back up , no fuss phone- I have both Samsung and Blackberry-gifts. I like the Samsung for Pin Interest and Instagram but not so much for making calls as I love the key pad more.

I have The Blackberry Torch which I love too as a communicator phone and primary phone where I live-it has what I need in regards to checking emails and messages etc plus keys for tip tapping. Having said that, I still have to have a Nokia classic as a backup ( plus, if you go in remote areas, you will be very disappointed -huge let down- to find out that BB goes completely dead and Samsung half dead so non reliable but guess which works with no issues..???? yes, the Nokia. So, hang on to your Nokias! If there is one new phone I am interested in , it is the coming New Blue/Bronze BB. I have seen both the passport and classic, the classic looks nice but both way to big for comfortably holding.


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