Friday, February 3, 2012

Dubai Pet Show 2012

It was a carnival like atmosphere. There were thousands of people in the most colourful outfits. There were musicians and there were face painters. And there were dogs.

Dogs wearing designer T-Shirts, bandanas, ribbons, scarves or skirts! And some with a little bit of attitude. It was a fun day for the entire family! 

Just got back this evening from the Dubai Pet Show. I am not really sure why its called a Pet show (yes there was an enclosure with cats) as almost all the activity at the venue is all about dogs. 

I love dogs and really happy that I took time of from my other work to head down to Dubai Sevens. Yes. This is the new venue since last year. Dubai Pet Show has moved to a new location down at Dubai Sevens down Al Ain road.

As usual, the police squad put up its show. Police dogs demonstrated their skills sniffing out stuff from drugs to revolvers.

Here is my collection of my favourite dogs from the show.

For details of Dubai Pet Show in 2009, please click here


Diana said...

The whole event was great,but did you hear that a small dog was killed by a bigger one ? That is so horrible !

mohit marwaha said...

The pictures are lovely. I was there as well at the pet show yesterday but could'nt get any nice shots.
I love these pictures. Great job :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes it was true Diana. We were there when the sad and shocking inccident happened. It was a toy poddle died. It was killed by a brazillian fighting dog.

I just hope that in the next event, organizers should not allow any dogs which are "banned" from this country. And how the place on earth those breeds enter the country? They should not be here in the first place are they are illegal in the UAE.

It is not a joke having a pet here in the UAE. There are some rules and regulations to acquire a pet. It is not as easy as 1,2,3!

Vaishali said...

i was at the pet show.....see not all the big breeds(or illegal breeds in uae as people says) are was an unfortunate incident....and i think the staffordshire should not be put we cant afford to loose another pet.......we humans should understand that mistakes are done by humans as well as dogs..

Diana said...

I totally agree with anonymous, having a pet is a huge responsibility it isnt a joke, especially if you are bringing a big dog to an event were young children are going to be too.This time it is a toy poodle , next time it might be a baby !

Someone might trust and love their dog alot, but most dogs are loyal only to their owners.

It was really irresponsible to put everyone in sucha risk.Dogs are dogs, you'll never know whats on their minds..

Anonymous said...

great :D


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