Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where is Sammy?

The Atlantis said Thursday that it has released Sammy, the 13 ft whale shark back into the Gulf waters. It says that the whale shark is tagged but did not say when it was released. Read the AP story here

For a hotel that is known to be as media savvy as the Atlantis is, it is kind of strange that there is no evidence of Sammy's release. Not a single burst of fireworks, not a single star in sight, not even local journalists were invited to witness the release. Not even a marine scientist to facilitate the release and witness the event.

Top News has quoted Dr Robert Hueter, Director of the Centre for Shark Research Mote Marine Laboratory as saying that " the shark was in good condition upon release and there was no impact over its growth rate in aquarium"

Sammy had attracted a lot of attention from the local population. Hence to note that the whale was released in such a quiet manner seems very odd. Very fishy. 

May be we are getting a little too nervous without reason. May be The Atlantis will provide more details soon?


Seabee said...

We're right to be cynical and suspicious about such a secretive alleged 'release.

Dubai Photo Story said...

@Seabee: For a hotel that builds PR stories around things almost trivial, I cannot imagine that Sammy was released without much fanfare. Here was a HUGE opportunity to generate good PR so its sounds strange that there were no photos.

Rahima said...

who knows, they might already feed poor sammy in expensive dishes in the hotel restaurant :(


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