Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quad Biking in Dubai

I finally managed to get onto a quad bike after all these years in Dubai. In case you don't know already, quad bikes are all terrain bikes that are used here for riding across the desert. They have now also become part of a standard desert safari and you get to ride one of these after you head back to the campsite.

We spent most of yesterday at the quad bike center along Al Ain Road. This place is about 40 kms as you head past Outlet Mall and easily stands out with it's colorful flags and banners.

There are various sizes of bikes so the entire family can dig into the fun. It can be an absolutely adrenaline pumping drive as you head up and down the dunes in the desert. I strongly suggest that you listen carefully to the instructors advice as you will need to use most of it!!!. Or at least the part about how not to get stuck at the top of the dunes! 

I think Quad bikes are no longer 'street legal' in Dubai though I am not very sure. 


Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Those things scare me...even w/ instructors present. Would you do it again?

Dubai Photo Story said...

I think I'll probably do it again!!! Just got to be a bit careful. Specially of the other riders around you.

Rahima said...

yes, they are not legal in streets of Dubai, we used to have two of those, but my teenage brother twice got out with in to the local grocery without notice, and unfortunately every time police caught him and put fine on it.
since there was trouble with having it around with teenage boys in house, we sold them out.


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