Sunday, October 25, 2009

The community P O Box

Ever noticed one of these colorful boxes placed outside the neighbourhood grocery store?
Apparently this works as a community post box where the local residents cna choose to recieve their mail. I am sure we have all experienced situations where our mail from our friends and relatives that was sent across to the office address has been delayed for a long time or has failed to arrive.
In a country where the practice of delivering mail to the residential address does not exist, this serves as a nice solution. This becomes even more important where some of the staff are based out of a remote location and where access to the office PO Box is either difficult or does not exist.
Many from among the Asian community (and specially among the 'blue collared' group) prefer receiving their mail at such boxes. So instead of providing the office P O Box no., many prefer to hand out details of the grocery store. The owner of the store religiously places all incoming mail into the box from where the recipient arranges to collect it.
A very simple and innovative concept that works as well as the regular postal channel. And its free too!!!


tagadubai said...

this is really nice and it is very kind of the grocery store owner ...

Anonymous said...

Interesting concept. I have been in Dubai for about 7 years now but never observed this thing.

I need to look out for the PO Box the next time I am at the neighborhood grocery.


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