Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The two faces of Dubai Police?

More often than not we are used to coming across positive news about Dubai Police. Hence today's headline in Gulf News was a bit disturbing given the nature of the news. Two corporals from Dubai Police have been charged with abusing their authority as law enforcement officers. For more details on the case itself, click here.

However, that is not the important part for me. What is more important that the force itself has taken steps to correct the problem. The fact that the operation was uncovered and that the officers have been charged is the more important news. I am sure we will all agree that despite all steps to filter in the best talent, we will always have the exceptions.

Later in the day, I got to see another face of Dubai Police. It was a very nice sight to see a Dubai Police car coming in to help a stranded motorist. As I was waiting at the signal, I saw a Dubai Police car coming in with petrol for a car that had stalled. The officer not only drove in with the petrol but filled the empty tank himself. I am not sure if this is something we would have expected from the force in our own countries.


Anonymous said...

Its good to see such things happen in the UAE finally. Accountability is slowly materializing.

Grumpy Goat said...

I can confirm that from personal experience the British police wouldn't help in my Strange Case of the Inaccurate Fuel Gauge.

I ground to a halt at 3am on the motorway about eight miles from Gatwick airport, and phoned the AA. A traffic cop turned up, confirmed that he had a gallon of petrol in his Range Rover, and refused either to sell of give it to me.

Natalie said...

All my experiences with the Dubai Police have been positive. I was found to be at fault in two accidents, but hey, I'm a woman. We knew that would be the outcome pretty much no matter what. The cops were polite and I honestly can't complain. If you go to Safa in the evenings now at Iftar you can see the cops fire the cannon. One evening, after running, I went over to talk to them and they welcomed me with dates and coffee, evven though I was wearing shorts and a tshirt and was all sweaty. Awfully generous of them on all fronts.

Photos Dubai said...

Hey... I m not surprised to see these positive comments. My only experience with Dubai police has been extremely good. I had a local lady knock my car from behind. Despite all here rantings (in arabic), the cop was extremely calm and convinced her it was her fault. He promptly handed me a clean chit.

I feel really proud of the Dubai cops. Despite some minor incidents, its the leadership's approach is certainly commendable.

Anonymous said...

I lived in DXB a long time ago-left in 1991 shortly after the end of the first Persian Gulf war. I thought the police were great. Had an incident in which their support was quick and positive.


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