Thursday, September 10, 2009

Take the Snake

Take the 'Snake'? Thats a term made famous by Dubai Eye's Malcolm Taylor in yesterday's episode of Business Breakfast. He was refering to the excitement around the imminent roll out of the new Dubai Metro and the many probably ways Dubai residents may refer to the new mode of transport.

There was certainly a lot of excitement in the air when I made my way to the metro station outside Mall of the Emirates. Contrary to reports on the radio this morning, the station was crowded and there were lots of people waiting to get aboard the metro. I had purchased my NOL card well in advance so I didn't waste a minute and headed straight out to the platforms. Hats off to the RTA for such a commendable job. There were no first day glitches that one may have expected. Everything worked like clock work. There were several attendant waiting to help out passengers needing help.

I took the metro down to Nakheel Harbour and took the next one back to Mall of Emirates. It was a fantastic experience. Now if only the parking is taken care of at all the stations, I don't see any reason why many residents will not adopt the new mode of transportation for their everyday travel.

Read about Dubai's mini Manila here


BuJassem said...

i like your first picture! the very first time i see a white man correctly wearing the 7atta & 3gaal. congrats!

you should have worn the full kandora, it would suit you.

did u tailor the 3gaal to suit your head?

amazing pics of the metro btw, and great blog :)

i'm tempted to buy one silver and one gold NOL cards. silver for everyday use and gold to see what all the fuss is about. unless you can access the gold carriage with just the red card (one off-payment).

the cards themselves are cheap.. 20 dhs or so, and are fully rechargeable (silver and gold).

Susanne49 said...

I like your blog very much! Very nice and a lot of memories are coming back to me when I spent 6 weeks in Dubai :)

Thank you for your nice compliment to my photo blog, very much appreciated!

Sue's Daily Photography


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