Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fishy in Sharjah

Strongly recommended... the next time you need that grilled fillet of Kingfish, head down to Sharjah fish market.
Located close to Rolla, the Sharjah fish market is an interesting experience!!. It is more traditional, without air conditioning, a little bit more messy and always very crowded (unless you make an early morning visit like I did). I have started liking the Sharjah fish market over the one in Karama. It has a better variety of fish, very fresh and most importantly a better price for most types of fish.
Try out Sharjah fish market near Rolla the next time you plan for grilled tiger prawns at your weekend barbeque!.


Dave said...

Good post, and great photo's.

Rahima said...

good post, you should try Dubai fish market in Deira area rather than the one in karama, since all restaurant and hotels buy their meat product from there, there is a variaty of vegetable too, but Al Aweer fruit and vegetable market is bigger with more variaty and bargain.


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