Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary.....

..... to Dubai Photo Story.

About a little over a year ago, my knowledge of blogs was as much as it is of rockets today. Little did I realise that a casual suggestion by a friend would take me down the road to what is today 'Dubai Photo Story'.

Dubai Photo Story has completed a little over a year since the first post and its been a journey of fun and learning. The concept of Dubai Photo Story made me even more interested in everything about Dubai and I have learnt so much over the year. But what has been most satisfying has been the feedback, comments and e-mails I have received from the readers.As the blog completes a year, I made my way back to the Abra jetty to meet up with abra no 146 which has been the face of Dubai Photo Story. The number plate of Abra no. 146 has been my identity and what better way to commemorate the anniversary!!.

As abra no. 146 made it's way to the jetty, I felt nostalgia. The picture of abra no 146 was the first picture I clicked for this blog (though it eventually did not make it to any post).

Noor Mohammad has been the 'captain' of the abra for several years now. An expat from Bangladesh, Noor has lived in Dubai for 6 years and steering the abra is the only job he has known. We talked for a while as I took a ride across the creek in what is probably going to my favourite abra in Dubai!!!

Happy Anniversary to Dubai Photo Story!!!

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Anonymous said...

happy anniversary, give us many more years of your wonderful stories Steve


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