Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dubai's Dhows

In afterthought, the reference to the tiny dhow seems somehow mocking. The only dhows on Dubai Creek these days take tourists on one-hour pleasure cruises.

Ever since Germaine Greer's article in guardian.co.uk, I have been itching to go down to the Dhow Wharf at Dubai creek and have a first hand view of what exactly the situation is.

So I took some time off and went down to the creek side to have a look at the dhows and their business.
The place looked like it was business as usual. Lots of cartons of stock waiting on the banks to be loaded onto the dhows. The loaders were hurrying around at a brisk pace while a few were shouting out orders.

I asked a few of the businessmen around the place about their business but they couldn't follow me. I later understood that they spoke Farsi only.

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moryarti said...

These dhows are Iran's lifeline and access to American products - since many american companies comply with the trade embargo with Iran, thats one of the ways American products make their way into Iran.


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