Friday, December 12, 2008

Learning and Sharing Music

If you had happened to be at Wafi City mall this evening, you will have soon been tapping your feet. Popular Music Institute, one of the best know n music schools in Dubai was presenting its students at the annual winter recital. It was an evening to remember.

The young students of PMI put up a stellar performance establishing once again the quality of the musicians it produces. From F
unk to Jazz, the students presented a complete repertoire of skills.
My favorite of the evening were of course, the Blues Jammers who ended the show on a high. The star of the day (or rockstar?) was clearly the little bass guitarist Fernando Alarcon. Standing a few inches taller than his bass guitar, the rockstar jammed up beautifully along with Christoph, Trevayne and Tony to belt out a unique v ersion of Lucille.

My other favourite of the evening was Ms Jessica Williamson,
a rather inconspicuous little drummer who lets the snare do the talking.

Trevayne Fernandes did a wonderful job as the M.C. for the even ing.

The other performers include andrew Gerdak, Dylon Tong, Valentine Ortega, Seena Akbari, George Davies, Michael Coates Evans, Tyler Henrie, Abhik Sampat, Lewis Tanoyo, Farbod Shavarebi, Jordan Henrie, Neema Mahmoodi, Klaus Proschold, Joel Davies, Kailash Soni, Yashavi Zaveri, Pranti Zaveri, Christoph Mahler and Tony


moryarti said...

its been quiet around here ... anyone home? :)

The Wizard of D said...

Hey... thanks for droping by.... been away from Dubai for a while... enjoying my annual vacation!!! Will be back soon :-)


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