Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dubai Rising

Dubai Marina is probably one of the most luxurious residential areas of Dubai. This man made marina area is also considered the most desirable and sought after lifestyle area.

I love to walk along the beautiful waterfront areas dotted with coffee shops and shining white yatchs. Its a very relaxing experience after a busy day and a walk around the place is very soothing. A lot of the construction still continues in the area and the noise can sometimes by a bit of a problem.

A small single bedroom area will make you poorer by as much as $42,000/- per annum


Mary Jo said...

I'll have to pic another place! LOL

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha. I was only just looking up rental property out there. We are moving out to Dubai early Oct. Can you suggest any other residential area which may be better value for money?

betty said...

i heart the marina


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