Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dubai International Airport

Every time I pass through Dubai Airport, I get remembered of some of the horror experiences I have gone through at some of the other 'international' airports around the world (about 27 if remember right) and then sit back and relish the experience of Dubai!!

Dubai International Airport is probably one of the best airports in the world (the new Hong Kong Airport is another fav). I think its very efficient (though some friends of mine disagree) in terms of processing though the sheer size makes one walk around too much. It has the most comprehensive duty free area and great deals too. Last year I believe the airport handled 37 million passengers (which stood at 18 million at the end of 2003)

Even though the airport will soon be bursting at its seems, I still think the flow from end to end is still very good. The floor guides are also very good at their job.

This airport may soon be overtaken by the new airport being constructed at Jebel Ali on the outskirts of Dubai. The Al Maktoum International Airport will have 6 parallel runways and up to 4 aircraft will be able to land simultaneously.


moryarti said...

indeed... i just bugs me who some people whine about how bad DIA is. Yet again, most of who do don't travel much anyways ;)

Abid said...

I avoided DIA on purpose, because of the excessive time it takes to pass through the airport, opting instead for Sharjah Airport.

Dubai Photo Story said...

Moryati: I agree with you. I travel thru DIA almost twice a month and I still find DIA more efficient than most others

Abid: I agree Sharjah is smaller but I find the staff at Sharjah lot more undertrained. Still prefer DIA!! :-)

Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

The airport is fantastic; a 24-hour shopping mall. It's the traffic around the airport is what's craptastic.


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