Saturday, July 18, 2009

I have always been fascinated by the various types of dhows that one sees in the arabian waters. They are a very important part of the traditional trade in the arabian gulf. For many centuries the dhows sailed right across the Indian ocean to India and the East African coast using only the sail as a means of propulsion.
The dhow was known for two distinctive features. First of all, it's triangular or lateen sail, and secondly, for it's stitched construction. Stitched boats were made by sewing the hull boards together with fibers, cords or thongs.
This picture is of a dhow displayed outside the Al Fahidi fort in Bur Dubai
Read about Al Fahidi fort here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. That is such a beautiful collection of photos of Dubai. Nie pictorial. Keep up the good work.


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